Our Company

Paper and Bags Morysan,  S. A. C. V. is a privately owned company incorporated in January 1961 at Mexico City. Throughout its 50 years of life Morysan has established itself as the number 1 manufacturer of paper bags of México.



Morysan belongs to the Industrial Group MOSA, becoming one of the most visionary suppliers of packaging materials, basing its growth and success in customer satisfaction and loyalty, achieving a value chain.

The wide range of products  offered by Morysan to the  Mexican and international markets are:  shopping bag, pinch bottom and square bottom bags, merchandise fashion bag, multilayer bag (sacks), bread bag, heavy duty bag, specialty papers, envelopes, confetti and serpentines.

Morysan´s main goal aims to manufacture and market a broad portfolio of products, all of which are designed to meet specific markets and applications designed for their individual processes, such as: Bakeries, Grocery Stores, Bookstores , Raw Materials (Example: Flour, Sugar, Food for farm animals, coal bags, etc.) Fast Food Stores, Boutiques, Shoe stores, Jewelry stores, exhibitions, department stores, Conventions, Events, Gifts, etc.;  to have a solid and reliable support to meet the most demanding needs of the consumers.