In a context of profound social transformations, economic and environmental aspects of the country, today the state of the environment and natural resources have become an essential element, Morysan´s Paper Bags, SA de CV uses recycled paper and water-based inks to support conservation and environmental protection and a  sustainable development.

Our goal is to promote, diffuse and provide each of our customers sustainable products that help the environment and at the same time, to  create a degree of satisfaction knowing that we are contributing  to saving natural resources by setting an example to follow and thus to be able to renew together our plant.

Now you can help preservation of the environment:


The manufacture of pulp and paper in Mexico since around 500 AC that the Maya invented it, and later the Aztecs improved their process on the basis of fig tree bark. In this process the bark was softened with blows andstrokings,  then treated with water and lime to remove the sap, forming flat sheets on tables which they left to dry by the air, then remove them and use them as paper.


The first mill to make paper at our country and in America, dating from the late sixteenth century, just after the conquest of Mexico...

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